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10+ Free Modern Design Juice Label Template to Choose From

Apple Juice Label Template
Apple Juice Label Template

A juice label template is a pre-made template that can be used to create labels for juice products. It includes various sections such as the basic information, nutritional facts, ingredients list, and other information like the expiration date.

A juice label allows for quick and efficient labeling of juices without worrying about missing any important details. It also saves time creating labels using pre-made sections already formatted with the necessary information.

What are the important components of a juice label?

A juice label is a label on the side of a bottle or carton containing information about the product’s ingredients and nutritional values. The ingredients and nutritional values are usually listed in descending order.

The label template should contain the following information:

The name of the juice

The name of the juice is a key component on the label. It should be clear and easy to read so that it can be easily identified.

The ingredients

The ingredients should also be listed in order of weight so that consumers know what they are getting into before they buy the product.

Allergen information

It should also include any allergens in the ingredients list and how they are separated from other ingredients to avoid cross-contamination.

Description of the product

The most important information that should be included on a juice label is the product description. This should be written in a clear and concise sentence that includes what the product is made from and how it tastes.

Nutritional information

The nutritional information on a juice label includes the amount of sugar, calories, fat, protein, and carbohydrates.

Net weight or volume

The net weight or volume is also included on a juice label so that consumers can calculate how many servings are in one container.

Contact Information

Some of the most important information that should be included on a juice label template is contact information. This includes the name and phone number of the company, contact person, website address, and email address.

Important tips for creating a juice label template

To create a label template, it is important first to understand the purpose of the label template. It is usually used in juice packaging, with a few different types.

The important tips will help you create a label template that will work for your product.

  1. Design a Label Template That Works for Your Product
  2. Make sure your labels are clear and easy to read
  3. Find the Right Fonts
  4. Create Variables for Your Labels
  5. Add Graphics and Make Text Bold and Underlined

The common mistake when creating a juice label template

This article will teach you how to avoid common mistakes when creating a juice label template.

  • Incorrect font size: The font size should be larger than 10 pt.
  • Incorrect typeface: Use a serif font like Georgia, Palatino Linotype, or Times New Roman.
  • Incorrect color contrast: Colors should contrast with the background. For example, if the background is black and the text is white, use a dark gray for text color and light gray for background color.
  • Incorrect design: Keep your design simple and easy to read. Avoid using too much text or too many colors on one label.
  • Incorrect layout: The label should have a straight layout with no borders or other distractions

Juice label template

The purpose of a juice label template is to provide an easy way for the company to create labels consistently while also ensuring that they meet all of the legal requirements. It also ensures that they get their juices labeled according to all FDA regulations.

What are the benefits of using a juice label template?

The benefits of using a juice label template are many. They can be used for many products, such as food and drink labels. It can also be used for other business purposes, such as marketing materials.

Some of the benefits of using a juice label template are:

Save time

It saves time and effort when you need to create labels for multiple products, as the templates are designed in such a way that they can be easily customized.

Save money

It is a simple solution that can help you save money.

Increase productivity

It is a great solution for those who want to increase productivity by doing less work.

Increase efficiency

Juice label templates are a great way to increase efficiency.

Improve quality control

Using a juice label template can help businesses improve the quality of their products.

Reduce errors

It comes to the design of products, it is important to have a label template that effectively reduces errors. This can be achieved by having a label template with the right layout, color scheme, and font type.

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How is the juice label template used?

Juice labels are usually used for marketing purposes. They are commonly used to promote a product or brand. It is also common for juice companies to use the same label template across different products to make it easier for consumers to identify their products.

A juice label template can be used for many purposes, including the product’s name, ingredients, nutritional information, serving size, and more.

How can a juice label be helpful for consumers?

There are many ways in which a juice label can be helpful for consumers. For example, it can help them make healthier choices by providing information about nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. It can also help them avoid sugar bombs by providing information on the sugar content of each product they drink.


In conclusion, start using a juice label template today. Doing so will enable you to create the perfect labels for your juice business in a matter of minutes.


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