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Laundry Proof Clothing Labels: 4 Best Tips Keep Your Clothes Clean and Crisp

Laundry Proof Clothing Label 4 Best Tips Keep Your Clothes Clean and Crisp
Laundry Proof Clothing Label 4 Best Tips Keep Your Clothes Clean and Crisp

Do you always forget to label your clothes when you wash them? You can save yourself a lot of time and hassle by printing laundry proof clothing labels! Just determine the clothing size you need labels for, print them at home or an Office Depot printing kiosk, cut out the labels, and place them on your clothes. Then hang them to dry (if desired). These easy laundry room clothing label tips keep your clothes clean and crisp!

Determine the size of clothing you need labels for

Laundry proof clothing labels come in various sizes to find the perfect one for your needs.

Apply the labels to clothing or anything that needs to be kept clean and crisp!

They are easy to use and apply.

Print the labels using a home printer or Office Depot printing kiosk

Printing garments can be challenging, as it is important not to damage delicate fabrics or cause unintended wrinkles in the final product. One way to reduce these challenges is with laundry proof clothing labels. These simple and easy-to-apply tags are designed to stay affixed to clothes while in the wash and then easily removable when they’re ready for wear again.

You only need a home printer to print your own laundry proof clothing labels. You can also find Office Depot printing kiosks that allow you to print out your laundry tags on the go conveniently. Select the size of garment tag you want to be printed ( standard, tall, wide) and choose from various design templates that include text fields for customizing your label content.

Laundry Proof Clothing Label
Laundry Proof Clothing Label

Cut out the labels and place them on your clothes.

If you’re looking to keep your clothes clean and crisp, there is no better way than using laundry proof clothing labels. These labels effectively contain the odor of your clothes and make it easy to remove them without any hassle. Read Also: Black Clothing Label: 3 Best Pieces Reasons Why People Wear It

Why bother with regular tags when you can have garments that always look their best? Laundry proof clothing labels come in various colors, so you can ensure that all your clothes match. Plus, they’re easy to apply and remove – perfect for changing the look of your wardrobe on a whim!

Hang your clothes to dry (optional)

Drying clothes manually is time-consuming and can be a hassle. Not to mention, it’s important to keep your clothes clean and crisp to avoid unpleasant smells. Luckily, there are several simple ways to hang your clothes to dry (optional), saving you time in the future.

  • Hanging Your Clothes on a Rod or Hanger: Hang pants and skirts up from the bottom with clips or bars, so they don’t get wrinkled. You can also use this method for shirts, blouses, sweaters, jackets, and anything except blankets and throws!
  • Use Clothes Racks: This option is perfect for thick items like coats or robes. Place them horizontally on an open rack, so they air out properly and don’t accumulate moisture over time. Make sure the hangers are long enough that everything hangs at least 2 inches off of the ground – this prevents wrinkles from forming in the fabric while it dries
  • Dryer Sheets: Another quick drying solution is using thin sheets of metal mesh placed inside your dryer drum as a screen. The metal won’t damage fabrics like other materials, letting you tumble laundry without worrying about shrinkage or fabric damage. It also saves energy by reducing heat needs during drying.


Keeping your clothing clean and crisp is incredibly important, and laundry proof clothing labels can help you in a big way. By printing labels for your clothes, you’ll be able to keep them looking their best without any extra effort. And if you want to take the hassle out of hanging your clothes to dry, that’s okay too! Keep reading for more information on this helpful tip.

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