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15 Best Shipping Label Templates and How to Use Them to Save Time, Increase Efficiency

shipping label template featured
shipping label template featured

A shipping label template is a digital product that helps you create and print shipping labels. A shipping label is a document that must be signed by the consignee and the person or company who delivers the goods before they are shipped. The label contains about the shipment, such as its description, weight, value, and origin.

The product provides a template for the label, along with instructions on how to use it, and also includes a set of customizable fields. This convenient tool can be useful for packing companies, freight forwarding firms, or any business that regularly sends packages through the mail.

Shipping Label Template

A shipping label template is a type of document that contains all the information required to ship a product. A shipping label template has all the necessities, such as sender and receiver, tracking number, dimensions, weight, etc.

Shipping labels are an effective way to protect both the sender and receiver in cases where a product is being shipped from one location to another. They also make it easier for organizations with large warehouses because they don’t need to look for every order manually.

The software can be used to generate shipping labels automatically. This will help in reducing paper waste and increase efficiency at the same time. It will also help you when you’re sending out mass shipments of products regularly that need to be labeled individually with their unique tracking number.

A shipping label template is a template that you can use to create shipping labels for your business. The templates provide all the necessary information you need, including address, tracking number, price, and the type of service.




A shipper may be used for the following reasons:

  • to better organize your business operations by providing labels and procedures
  • to manage inventory more efficiently
  • to help reduce costs by utilizing less space in storage facilities or by not having excess packaging materials

What is an element that should be included?

Here are the elements that should be included in your Shipping Label Template:

  • Company Name
  • Contact information
  • Address
  • Packing Instructions
  • Type of Item
  • Total Weight
  • Quantity of Items
  • Bill of Lading
  • Order Number
  • Additional Info

Tips for creating a shipping label template that will save you time and energy

For small businesses, creating shipping labels for their customers can be a tedious process. This is where we provide tips on creating a shipping label template that will save you time and energy.

  1. Make sure the shipping label is easy to read. This can be done by adding your company name and logo on the label or using a font with bold characters such as Helvetica Neue Condensed Bold that can be easily read from a distance.
  2. Ensure there are no unnecessary items in the template like stickers, tags, or ribbons because they may get detached when shipped and not reach their destination.
  3. Use bold text to highlight important information like weight, dimensions, and other key details on the label
  4. Keep in mind that some customers might have issues

What are The Benefits of using it?

The 5 benefits of using a Shipping Label Template are:

  • Helps with inventory management and shipping costs
  • Allows for easy changes on products being shipped
  • Allows customers to review their order before shipment
  • Makes it easy for the customer to return items without hassle
  • Helps with custom orders since you can track inventory through the template.

Using a Shipping Label Template with USPS as your Primary Ship Carrier

With the advanced use of technology, many tasks in our daily lives are made easier with the help of software. One such task is creating and printing a shipping label.

When shipping your items to a destination outside your home, business, or school, you can print a custom label using USPS’s Shipping Label Template. This standardized packing list helps make the process faster and error-free.

We have the best USPS label generators online if you’re looking for a USPS label generator or a USPS mailing label. We can create labels for any size package at any price. And our labels are perfect for shipping internationally.

Using a Shipping Label Template with FedEx as your Secondary Ship Carrier

The FedEx shipping label template provides the information needed to complete a shipment. It also has options for print and PDF templates that you can use in your work.

The FedEx shipping label template is a convenient way of getting your shipment delivered on time. When you ship with FedEx, they take care of all the details, including the preparation and delivery of the package. You don’t have to worry about anything other than getting your content written and shipped off on time.

FedEx shipping label templates are free for all to use, and there are so many amazing features, such as interactive barcodes and real-time tracking. It’s easy to create labels for your next shipment and quick to print.

Using a Shipping Label Template with DHL as your Other Ship Carrier

DHL Shipping Label Template helps reduce the time and trouble of creating a shipping label manually. It also provides clarity when tracking a shipment.

There are many benefits to using the DHL shipping label template. With it, you can save time and money by easily printing your own labels and tracking shipments more effectively.

Shipping labels have been an essential part of the shipping industry for decades. Nowadays, they become complicated to create because of emerging technologies such as e-commerce which has increased in popularity over the years. This is where DHL comes in – their Shipping Label Template is simple and easy to use while providing efficiency and clarity in tracking your shipments.

The standard size of a shipping label In the USA

Shipping labels are a must-have for businesses that ship goods. For example, FedEx and UPS require that you have a shipping label to send packages. A well-printed shipping label will show exactly what is being sent.

There are sizes of shipping labels in the USA:

7-1/2″ x 9″ (standard size)

The paper size of a standard 7-1/2″ x 9″ is a standard size measuring 8.5″ x 11″. The term “standard” generally refers to something established, standardized, and accepted by a group as the best choice for their purposes.

8-1/2″ x 11″ (large size)

A large 8-1/2 x 11-inch paper is perfect for all your copywriting needs. It’s the most commonly used paper in the world and can be used to create brochures, magazines, newsletters, newspapers, and more.

This is a large-sized 8 1/2 x 11-inch document.

8-1/2″ x 14″ (jumbo size)

No matter how much you need or what you need, Jumbo size is the answer regarding office supplies. We have a huge selection of 8-1/2″ x 14″ paper and envelopes in stock, so you can find everything you need at your fingertips, including pens and pencils.

The 8-1/2″ x 14″ (jumbo size) is a staple of many office desks. It is typically used for writing and storing papers.

Questions to Ask Yourself When Creating a Shipping Label Template

1) Do you have a clear goal for your shipping label?

2) How much time do you have?

3) How often is your company shipping items?

4) What a maximum number of labels can you fit on one page?

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