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4 Per Page Labels: The Best Way to Label Your Files

4 per sheet labels
4 per sheet labels

If you’re like me, you’ve been struggling to find a way to label your files with ease. You spend hours in Word or Photoshop trying to create perfect 4 Per Page Labels that look great and fit perfectly, but eventually, they all get lost in the mix.

That’s where 4 per page labels come in! They’re simple and quick to create, and best of all, they can be printed out so you can use them on any file!

Create 4 Per Page Labels using a word processor

Word processors offer a wide range of templates and styles to create labels. This makes it easy to get started label-wise. All you need is text documents, such as an email or report, and the word processor’s label creation tool.

Once your document is open, go to the “File” menu and select “Make a Label.” You will be prompted to fill in basic information about the label, such as its name (or title), what kind of file it is (email notification or report), and whether it should be saved with the document or attached separately.

Label formats are usually compatible with most software programs, so you can easily attach/send the labeled document using whichever program you want. And since label designs are reusable, you can make changes to them as needed without starting from scratch each time.

Download a label-making program

Many different label-making programs are available, and it cannot be easy to choose the right one. Before you choose a program, make sure that the following criteria are met:

  1. The labels can be printed on different types of paper
  2. The labels have a high-quality printing
  3. The labels are very easy to use and print
  4. There is a wide range of label types to choose from

Print your labels and cut them out

You probably use a file folder to organize your files. But how do you label each one? One option is to print out labels and attach them to the folders. This process can be time-consuming, especially if you have many files.

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Fortunately, there’s an easier way: using 4 per-page labels. These labels are easy to read and easy to apply. You print them on any printer that outputs in A4 size or smaller, cut them out with a sharp knife or scissors, and adhere them to the front of each file with low-tack tape (or rubber bands).

Once your labels are applied, they will be easy for you and anyone else who needs access to the files in your folder to find what they’re looking for – even if those files are hundreds of pages long!

Place the labels on your files.

When it comes time to label your files, a few options are available. One option is to use the free and easy-to-use 4 Per Page Labels service. This service lets you place labels on any file type, including PDFs, images, Word documents, and PowerPoint presentations.

The labels can be placed on any file type: PDFs, images, Word documents, and PowerPoint presentations. The labels are easy to use and customize: You drag and drop them onto the files you want to label. They’re durable and will last long (a one-year warranty backs them).

If labeling your files needs to happen periodically but isn’t really bothersome, or if you need more than 100 labels (4 per page), then consider purchasing the 5 Per Page Label Service. This service offers 500 labels per page at an affordable price. Plus, it has several additional features not found in 4 Per Page Labels, such as password protection for individual folders/files, multi-language support, smart search capabilities, delayed printing functionality, backup storage for custom templates, automatic updates of new templates, and much more!


In conclusion, 4 per page labels are the quickest and easiest way to label your files. You can do it in a word processor, download a program, or even print and cut them out. Simply placing these labels on your files will help you keep track of what’s where and make it easier to find whatever file you’re looking for.

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