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Word Label Template 6 Per Sheet Free

word label template 6 per sheet featured
word label template 6 per sheet featured

Are you looking for a simple and effective way to organize your projects, events, or office? Word label template 6 per sheet is a set of six labels that can be used to create word templates.

Word label templates allow the user to customize a text based on the content they create. They can include any text, images, or symbols in the template and use them throughout their copy-writing projects.

Word labels template 6 per sheet is a product that helps you organize your creation on a given topic. It is an easy-to-use tool that helps you create a list of words and phrases related to the topic. Let’s talk about the word label template 6 per sheet – a super handy tool perfect for various tasks.

What is a Word Label Template 6 Per Sheet?

A word label template 6 per sheet is a template you can use in Microsoft Word. It’s designed to print six labels on one standard-sized sheet of paper. Each label is a separate section where you can add words or pictures.


word label template 6 per sheet 01
word label template 6 per sheet 01


word label template 6 per sheet 02
word label template 6 per sheet 02


word label template 6 per sheet 03
word label template 6 per sheet 03


word label template 6 per sheet 04
word label template 6 per sheet 04


word label template 6 per sheet 05
word label template 6 per sheet 05


word label template 6 per sheet 06
word label template 6 per sheet 06

Why Use This Template?

  1. Saves Time: You can do six at once instead of writing or printing one label at a time!
  2. Easy to Customize: You can type anything you want on these labels. Names, addresses, prices, or cute messages – it’s up to you!
  3. Perfect for Organization: Whether you’re labeling files in the office, boxes at home, or making name tags for a party, these labels help keep everything neat.
  4. Great for Crafts and Projects: If you love being crafty, these labels are perfect for scrapbooking, card making, or any other creative project you have in mind.

How to Use the Word Label Template 6 Per Sheet

  1. Pick Your Template: First, open up Microsoft Word on your computer. Look for the option that says ‘6 labels on each sheet’ and click on it.
  2. Make Your Labels Special: You can write what you want on each label. You can also make them look cool by adding pictures, changing how the words look, or picking fun colors.
  3. Print Your Labels: After making your labels look great, put special label paper in your printer. Then press ‘Print’ to see your labels come to life!
  4. Cut Out Your Labels: Use scissors to cut them apart carefully if your labels are all stuck on one big sheet.

Tips to Make Awesome Labels Every Time

  1. Check Your Printer: Before printing, ensure your printer knows you’re using label paper. Also, check that the printing is going to be nice and clear.
  2. Look at Your Labels on the Screen: Always peek at your computer screen labels before you print them. This way, you can fix anything that doesn’t look right.
  3. Use Good Paper: To make your labels stand out, use the best label paper that works with your printer.

You can make awesome labels at home by following these steps and tips!

Creative Ways to Use Your Labels

  • Event Planning: Use them for place cards, gift tags, or party favors.
  • Home Organization: Label jars, boxes, or shelves in your kitchen, garage, or kids’ rooms.
  • Office Management: Organize files, folders, and supplies with clear, easy-to-read labels.
  • Personalized Gifts: Create custom labels for homemade goodies, crafts, or other gifts.

What are the dimensions?

Standard Dimensions:

The standard size for a word label template 6 per sheet is typically aligned with common paper sizes like A4 or Letter.

Each label on the sheet is designed to be evenly spaced. The average dimensions of each label can be approximately 2.83 inches wide by 4.5 inches high.

Margin Settings: are usually set to ensure each label is printed within its designated area without overlap.


  1. Adjusting Label Size:
    • In Word: Use the ‘Layout’ or ‘Page Setup’ options to adjust the label sizes. This can be done by changing the height and width settings for each label.
    • Template Flexibility: Some templates allow for adjustable dimensions, which can be tailored to specific needs or printing requirements.
  2. Changing Sheet Size:
    • Different Paper Sizes: Adapt the template to fit various paper sizes like A5, Legal, or Executive, depending on the need.
    • Page Setup: Use the ‘Page Setup’ feature in Word to change the paper size, ensuring that the labels align correctly with the new size.
  3. Margin Adjustments:
    • Safety Margins: Adjust margins to ensure that text or images on the label do not get cut off during printing.
    • Guided Editing: Some Word templates come with guidelines to indicate safe printing areas, which can be useful for margin adjustments.
  4. Alignment and Spacing:
    • Aligning Labels: Use alignment tools in Word to ensure that each label is centered and evenly spaced.
    • Spacing Adjustments: Modify the spacing between labels if more or less room is needed for content.

Types of Word Label Template 6 Per Sheet

List Template:

  • What It Is: This is a special type of template you can use when you have a list of things. Imagine you have a list of your favorite fruits, like apples, bananas, and oranges. This template helps you put each fruit’s name on its label.
  • How to Use It: You write one item from your list on each label.

Grid Layout Template:

  • What It Is: This template is like a game board with spaces. Each label is like a square on the board.
  • How to Use It: You can write different things in each square. It’s great for organizing your ideas in rows and columns, like making a little table.

Text Box Template:

  • What It Is: This template has boxes to write or type words. It’s like having a few small pages on one big page.
  • How to Use It: You can put different information in each box. Like one box for your homework, one for a shopping list, and one for a note to a friend.

These templates help you make cool labels for different needs.

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How to Create a Word Label Template 6 Per Sheet

Making labels can be fun and simple! Follow these steps to create your own with the word label template 6 per sheet.


  1. Open Microsoft Word: First thing, turn on your computer and open Microsoft Word.
  2. Finding the Right Template:
  3. Look for ‘Labels’: Click on the ‘Mailings’ tab. Then find and click on ‘Labels’.
  4. Pick Your Template: A box will pop up. Click ‘Options,’ and you’ll see lots of label templates. Find the one that says ‘6 labels per sheet’. If it’s not there, pick one that’s close in size.
  5. Make It Yours: Once you choose your template, you can write things on each label. Want the same words on all? Type it once and choose ‘Full page of the same label.’
  6. Add Some Fun: Want to make your labels cool? Click ‘Insert’ to add pictures or fun shapes.
  7. Check Your Printer: Make sure your printer settings match the size of your label paper. This helps your labels print just right.
  8. Test Print: Print on regular paper to see if everything looks good. This way, you don’t waste your label paper.
  9. Print Your Labels: Happy with your test? Now put your label paper in the printer and print for real.
  10. Cut Them Out: If your labels are all together on one sheet, use scissors to cut them apart.

By following these steps, you’ll have a set of custom labels ready quickly.

The word label template 6 per sheet is a tool that can make your life easier and more organized. Whether you’re a busy professional, a creative crafter, or someone who loves these labels, they are for you. Try them out and see how they can help with your next project or event!

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